Chairs, Stairs & Tables
Exhibition at Design Post Köln


„A piece of Furniture is a vehicle, it is a tool to communicate, to create connections between people.“

Craft and industry, wood and metal, round and square, theory and practice. As a trained carpenter and studied designer, Thomas Schnur works as a designer and university lecturer to unite and manifest contradictions in objects of everyday use.

In the first part of the exhibition, the final designs are juxtaposed with initial sketches, photos and models. These include various already established pieces of furniture, like K5 and K7 for TECTA, but also prototypes, such as the ARFINIO Chair, made of a new, recyclable plastic, which was created in collaboration with the material manufacturer COVESTRO.

In part two, the series is completed by a reading room with the publication CHAIRMAN. Here, table designs by the Cologne designer enter into dialogue with his selection of pioneering seating furniture by different designers and manufacturers.


Design Post Köln

Deutz-Mülheimer Str. 22A