Beijing Design Week
2016-09-23 - 2016-10-07

    Missing Object

    Thomas Schnur will speak about his research on the thematic of the Missing Object. The talk will be held at C-HUB at 6:30pm in  in the frame of UNCOVER Mannheim.

      2016-06-24 - 2016-06-26


      Thomas Schnur will exhibit 10 selected objects at the event "Klarheit und Form" - parallel to the ongoing exhibition "Bauhaus - Alles ist Design" at Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn.







        From Object
        and Space
        2016-06-13 - 2016-06-16


        The Exhibition From Object and Space displays furniture projects by Thomas Schnur in the store of Funktion Schnitt at Ehrenstraße 84 in Cologne. The Funktion Schnitt Store also designed by Thomas Schnur builds the perfect setting for this exhibition as it brings furniture and interior projects together so that the approach of the designer becomes visible.


          2016-06-06 - 2016-06-10


          Workshop Funktionale Umformung - from sheet metal to an article of daily use at HBKsaar.

            Grid at Ventura Lambrate
            2016-04-12 - 2016-04-17


            Grid will be presented as part of the Another Perspective 4 exhibition in Ventura Lambrate.

              Meine Freunde
              Meine Feinde


              Text and Photos for the column 'Meine Freunde / Meine Feinde' at issue 17 of the german domus magazine.

                2016-01-18 - 2016-01-24





                The exhibition Funktionsraum by Thomas Schnur and photographer Sven Lützenkirchen juxtapose furniture and photographic pieces, this giving rise to associative cross references that allow new perspectives on their work.

                  Together at
                  Depot Basel


                  In the context of Forum for an Attitude Thomas will talk about his practice and Richard Sennett's book 'Together'. Saturday 17 October at 8 pm at Depot Basel.

                    Gravity at
                    Maison & Objet
                    2015-09-04 - 2015-09-08

                    Gravity Wardrobe by Thomas Schnur


                    Gravity Wardrobe for Nomess Copenhagen will be presented at Maison & Objet 2015 in Paris at Stand A17, Hall 7.

                      Another Perspective at Ventura Lambrate
                      2015-04-14 - 2015-04-19


                      Four new Objects are ready for the Another Perspective Exhibition and will be on show from 14th to 19th of April at Ventura Lambrate in Milan.

                        Gravity edited by
                        Nomess Copenhagen


                        Gravity Wardrobe now edited by Nomess Copenhagen

                          Objects in Between
                          2015-01-19 - 2015-01-25


                          The group exhibition Objects in Between organized by Karoline Fesser, Kai Linke, Torsten Neeland, and Thomas Schnur presents 10 designers and their objects on the theme of in between.

                            Supermarket in Prague
                            2014-12-11 - 2014-12-14

                            Rubber Table


                            Rail and Rubber Table will be part of the exhibition Verschiebung in the framework programme of Designsupermarket in Prague.

                              Jeux de Design
                              2014-10-29 - 2014-11-02



                              Holzbank and Rubber Table are part of the exhibition Jeux de Design at Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie

                              in Paris.



                                Speed Talk


                                The 7 Minute presentation Perspektivenwechsel is now available with english subtitles. The Speak was held at the frame of K Fair on the Fairstand from Bayer Material Science.

                                  Stop by at the
                                  Vitra Stand
                                  2014-10-25 - 2014-10-29


                                  STOP Mirror designed for details, produkte + ideen
                                  is part of the Vitra Stand at Orgatec in Cologne.

                                    Designpreis der Bundesrepublik


                                    Nominated for Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 2014. Together with Samuel Treindl for the submission of Construct Table & Construct Table Shelf.

                                      Design Report Award




                                      Design Report Award 2014 Special Mention


                                      Jury Members: Jurgen Bey, Marco Dessí, Yael Mer, Ludovica Palomba, Lars Quadejacob, Timo Salli, Carola Zwick


                                      "A mirror, a side table, a table lamp, a shelf and a wall-mounted coat rack: Thomas Schnur scored high points from the jury for design diversity. Their attention was primarily drawn to the “Rail” coat rack."


                                        Objects and the Factory featured in German Domus.



                                          Objects and the Factory
                                          2014-01-13 - 2014-01-19



                                          The group exhibition Objects and the Factory organized by Kai Linke, Karoline Fesser and Thomas Schnur presents 11 designers and their objects on the theme of factory.



                                            In the 7 Minute presentation Thomas explains a part of his work under the titel Perspektivenwechsel. The Speak was held in german (translation will follow soon) at the frame of K Fair on the Fairstand from Bayer Material Science.

                                              German Design Award

                                              German Design Award


                                              Nominated for German Design Award 2014.